Pink Spinel Rose Gold Ring

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Spinel is most famous for its deep red variety that closely resembles Ruby. These two gemstones can be very difficult to distinguish.Many famous old "Rubies" were discovered to be in fact Spinel. For example, the enormous "Ruby" that forms the centerpiece of the royal crown of England (the Black Prince's Ruby) was actually determined to be Spinel. 
Spinel is natural, untreated & unenhanced. That's why it's beauty is more revered. Rubies for example are treated . It is also a very durable gemstone.
Fine red Spinel is actually rarer than Ruby of equal colour.

This is such a pretty & delicate ring. Very feminine, not to mention the rare pink/red spoinel! There is a 5.5mm trilliant pink/red spinel with 14 white zircons accenting the shoulders. The gem is set high as seen in the picture.

This has been set into 9k rose gold which brings out the pinks more in this fine gem. It is an average ring size N or US 7



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