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                      Anniversaries Gifts

Appropriate anniversary gift giving for the first, fifth, tenth, fifteenth, twentieth, twenty-fifth and fiftieth years of marriage. 
Gifts in the early years of marriage were small remembrances, or tokens, such as paper (1st), wood (5th), and tin (10th). In later years of matrimony, gifts gained value, including crystal (15th), china (20th), silver (25th) and gold (50th).
 The light-hearted nature of early anniversary gift giving, saying "the paper, wooden and tin presents are seldom anything but jokes but, still mean something to many people. Crystal is the earliest that is likely to be taken seriously by the gift-bearers." Year Traditional Modern 1st Wedding Anniversary paperclock 


                                               Anniversary Gemstone Chart


1st Year:    Gold Jewellery

2nd Year:    Garnet

3rd Year:    Pearls

4th Year:    Blue Topaz

5th Year:    Sapphire

6th Year:    Amethyst

7th Year:    Onyx

8th Year:    Tourmaline

9th Year:    Lapis Lazuli

10th Year:    Diamond Jewellery

11th Year:    Turquoise

12th Year:    Jade

13th Year:    Citrine

14th Year:    Opal

15th Year:    Ruby

16th Year:    Peridot

17th Year:    Watches

18th Year:    Cat's-Eye

19th Year:    Aquamarine

20th Year:    Emerald

21st Year:    Iolite

22nd Year:    Spinel

23rd Year:    Imperial Topaz

24th Year:    Tanzanite

25th Year:    Silver Jubilee

30th Year:    Pearl Jubilee

35th Year:    Emerald

40th Year:    Ruby

45th Year:    Sapphire

50th Year:(Golden Jubilee)     Gold

55th Year:    Alexandrite

60th Year: (Diamond Jubilee)    Diamond

Some charts may be slightly different, but either way I am wishing you all long and happy partnerships 



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