Chrome Tourmaline and Paraiba Tourmaline Gold Pendant

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Chrome tourmaline is highly-prized for its distinct, rich forest-green color and is considered a collector's gem, but not because it lacks the hardness and durability for jewelry, but because of its extreme rarity in occurrence.
Chrome tourmaline exhibits a remarkable level of dichroism, which means that a single stone can exhibit two colours when viewed along different axes. Pleochroism can result in a single stone reflecting two or more different colors, or depths of color and color intensity, depending on the angle from which it is viewed. Another very interesting property of chrome tourmaline is its ability to carry a small electrical charge when subjected to mechanical stress, pressure or extreme temperature fluctuations. 
Tourmaline is the birthstone of October and is the anniversary gemstone of the 8th yr of marriage

This is a beauty. Not only has it the rare chrome tourmaline but there are paraibas in this pendant too. This is a huge pendant. Over 4cts( 10 oval) chrome tourmaline with 0.15ct of paraiba in 7 round gemstones. It has been set into 9k white gold and it looks superb. The brilliance and clarity is excellent . The drop is 34mm

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