Cuprian Tourmaline & Diamond Gold Pendant

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Tourmaline is a complex borosilicate mineral family.  When certain members of that family add copper, manganese and a trace amount of gold to their composition, a cuprian or Paraiba tourmaline results.  
Cuprian (elbaite) Tourmaline is extremely rare and collectable. It comes in many different colours , but most commonly tones of blues and greens. There are currently no new mines to date so the collectability of these 'glowing' gemstones continues to rise.

Tourmaline is the birthstone of October .

It is also associated with an 8 yr Wedding Anniversary

This is a beauty. 2.12cts of green Cuprian Tourmaline from Mozambique. This gemstone is accented by 28 diamonds and encased in 9k yellow gold. There is articulation in the 3 parts of the pendant.

The length is 30mm x 13mm.

A rare and collectable piece of jewellery.

The 9k yellow gold chain is included

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