About Us

About us
This web site was born from my obsession with jewellery, colour and gemstones .I love bright bold colours.

 I started buying loose gemstones partly because of investment and partly just beauty. After a while i thought i could make some rings/pendants that i know are "one off" pieces with quality gemstones. Every piece will be different, but you will get the exact piece  you see on the site.

Diamonds are the most famous and successfully marketed gem but for me coloured gemstones offer more diversity esp as many have different tones, saturation and in some cases change colour. Many gemstones have more fire than a diamond but are less well known. They can change/ enhance moods, accessorise outfits and sometimes even...... lift our moods.

Here on this web site, i have tried to take natures fruits and match them to coloured gemstones. This way you can pick out the colours you like/want and go straight to the section. To me the huge variety of shapes, colours, and textures of fruit associate to the rainbow spectrum of different gemstones. Each gemstone has its unique qualities just like fruits, and we all have preference as to what suit our taste and styles

Many of the items on this site were handcrafted by me. Most are in silver and some are in gold. I have deiberately set high quality gemstones normally found in 18k gold into silver, so everyone has a chance to own some of the more prized and valuable gemstones.

 Hopefully there is something for everyone

As I am a small business I do specialist custom designs, so if there is something in particular you would like or you see a design and want a different gemstone please let me know I will try and create something unique.

I also feel customer satisfaction is imperative and if you are not entirely satisfied then I will endeavour to try and solve this situation. I want people to return to this site so it is vital that every person is happy with their purchase.

Gemstones give me enormous pleasure and I hope I can help you enjoy them and feel the connection to the world as much as they do for me



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